The Textile Hub creates a pathway for businesses to print and produce their Fashion and Home Furnishings in Australia.

We have created the necessary services to take your initial print design through to the finished product.


Our Vision

"We felt we could invigorate the industry, if we can provide an avenue for designers to print their sampling and production locally, on budget and on time."



What We Do


Our purpose is to provide a choice and a pathway to making a fashion range here in Australia, through education, networking, collaboration. The Textile Hub will revolve around Textile printing, but will connect clients with all the disciplines required to get their ranges made here. If a brand can produce a range quickly, with a smaller MOQ, through digital printing, and sell through completely without discount, then we have helped maximize their profits and increased their chance of being here tomorrow.


With increasing MOQs and rising costs associated with sourcing apparel overseas, the barrier to entry for Australian businesses in the fashion industry has become financially onerous. The large quantities required to access cheap imports have a long lead time, hold significant risk, and once landed may not sell due to economic or environmental conditions, or may just miss the mark completely, leading to selling at a loss. There are risks in losing IP, incorrect products arriving with little recourse. 


We conduct monthly open nights for our customers and students, for networking and to hear interviews with industry veterans.
Our Hub structure allows us to organise meetings for our clients with pattern makers, textile designers, cutters, production consultants and makers. We help connect the industry.


Every year our education facilities are feeding the fashion industry with amazing, creative designers, but only a few lucky ones will ever end up designing fashion, and fewer still will become the next household name. 

A brief introduction to our services.




With our large network of Industry experts and on site printing and cutting facilities we can deliver unparalleled service and support from print sampling through to production. The Textile Hub is set up to project manage your next design brief, an Australian production facility here to make your life easier.



The fashion Industry is changing and calls from campaigners and consumers have resulted in a review of the huge supply chains currently involved. 
It is becoming increasingly important to only make what you can sell using good materials that can either be biodegradable or recyclable. We need to know where it’s made, and the conditions of those making it. At the textile Hub we can give you the visibility within a considerably reduced supply chain.  



The Industry is moving towards Sustainable solutions, Ethical manufacturing and the Circle Economy ,aligning itself with a responsible production story. The Provenance and real stories behind the product are now a powerful marketing tool.



We have a standard lead time of 2 weeks, depending on the print run and our production capacity, but we're always ready to try and work towards your lead times, to help you get that on-point new range to market even quicker and capture those valuable consumer dollars. 
As an Australian digital textile printing facility, we can print runs as low as 50-100m, so you don't need to buy the overseas minimum order quantities of 500-5000m. 




Our staff have collectively 45 years of textile printing between them, 3 of whom worked at the old Jets Swimwear production facility in Alexandria for up to 12 years.


profile pic about page Julian.jpg

Julian Lowe

General Manager

(Resident Evangelist) 

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Steven Graham

Operations Manager


Matt Evans

Business Operations 

(Senior Lunchtime Strategist)

The owners of the The Textile Hub, Tjanaria Greenwood P/L, have successfully built sustainable, profitable print businesses in photographic and wide format fields, with success at the highest levels, through Photoking and Next Printing. Their secret for success has been to always look for technology that improves efficiency, through speed, cost reduction, and unattended operation.